Cut-off set point calculator for Lead-Acid Batteries

While there are many recommendations on how to choose your LVD cut-off point based on battery state of charge (SOC), almost none of them takes in count actual load.

So, I found this document and make a simple calculator based on this data. Even if this document is from other century (it is dated at 1993) it still describes very well basic relationship between voltage, load current and state of charge of the battery.

Here is a calculator.

P.S. It’s a shared google sheet and it is shared between all of us, therefore don’t be scared if you see that someone else is tuning your input parameters. To avoid this – make your own copy by File->Make a copy.. (you must be signed-in in your google account).

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  1. Ernie 18/07/2017 at 19:18 #

    Interesting article. Thanks.
    I can’t find your contact info on your site. What is the best way to contact you with further questions about your products?

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