Product Description

Battery Protector (Low Voltage Disconnect)
in epoxy sealed ABS plastic case with two pots for easy setup
model: SBS12HA

This model is outdated. Please consider a replacement here.

To protect batteries against over discharging.
This item is perfect for any projects where limited space and low current consumption required.
Not recommended for inverters!
For inverters or any other high capacitive load (>10 000uF) please consider models with ‘soft start’ feature.
  • Small size 50 x 50 x 16 mm
  • Adjustable threshold levels for Cut-Off and Reconnect.
  • Solid state switch (N-ch MOSFET on positive side)
  • Draws only 0.2 mA when OFF and 0.3 mA when ON state!!!
  • Status indication LEDs – Green = ON, Red = Off.
  • Remote ON/OFF connector
  • Wide range for Cut-Off and Reconnect voltage level adjustments.

For wide range of use and easy to adjust.

  • Remote control connector to force ON/OFF states.
If you short these pins to GND (black wire) than you will force the module in one of ON/OFF states.
OFF pin has higher priority. If both are shortened then module will be in OFF state.
This is handy if you need to control the load or use this module just as relay in any DC environment.
Normally you can leave these pins opened.
  • Auto ON on voltage apply.
 When you connect module to battery then first 1-2 secs module is entering force on state and
only then  normal mode.
 This is handy if your battery voltage is between cut-off and reconnect thresholds and normally to turn on would require
 to reach reconnect voltage level.
  • Led indication

It is easy to monitor status of module with two LEDs. Green means the switch is ON, Red – OFF. If none of them lights – no power applied.

  • Thermal protection.

Will cut-off if module temperature rises above 80° C. This is true even in forced ON state.

  • Ultra Low self consumption

This module has very low working current (Max 0.2 mA when OFF and only 0.3 mA when ON)


Here you can view a comparison table (as PDF doc.) for all actual models.


Additional Information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 2 cm


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