For 12V Lead Acid batteries.  20A max

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Battery Protector (Low Voltage Disconnect)
for 12V Lead Acid batteries.  20A max.
To protect batteries against over discharging.
This product is perfect for DIY projects where limited space and low current consumption required.
Main Features:
  • Adjustable threshold levels for Cut-Off and Reconnect.
  • Remote Forced ON/OFF pins.
  • Solid state switch (single n-ch MOSFET on positive side)
  • Draws only 0.2 mA when OFF and 1.5 mA when ON state!!!
  • Small size 20 x 42 x 9 mm
  • Wide 2 mm in diameter soldering terminals – you can solder any type of connector you wish.


  • True short circuit protection: YES
  • Over-current protection: YES
  • Reverse voltage protection: YES
  • Oscillation free operation: YES (1-2 secs delay in low voltage detection)

Other modules:

Here you can view a comparison table (as PDF doc.) for all actual models.

Weight 20 g
Max forward (reverse) current

20A (4A)

Operating range


Self consumption On (Off)

1.5mA (0.2mA)

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