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Universal 6-32V, 160, 240 or 480 A

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Battery Protector
in strong aluminum case with USB for easy setup
model: SBS6-32AL
To protect batteries against over discharging.
For high amp systems where safety and ease of use are in first place.
  • “Soft start” for loads with high inrush current such as inverters or any other high capacitive load.
  • Safe for reverse current flow at full rated current.
  • Can be used as “Ideal diode” (with recovery time – 3sec.).
  • Low power MCU with 12 bit ADC conversion and micro USB connector on board.
  • Fully customizable with BatMan manager software for any battery requirements.
  • Solid state switch with ‘soft start’ feature (multiple N-ch MOSFETs on positive side).
  • Draws only 0.7 mA when OFF and 1.5 mA when ON state!!!
  • Two color (red, green) LEDs with multiple status indication patterns.
  • Remote ON/OFF socket (JST PH 2.0-3 Pin). Connector with 15cm cable included.
  • Two open drain (aka “open collector”) outputs socket (JST PH 2.0-3 Pin) for alarm or other needs. Connector with 15cm cable included.
  • Real-time input voltage and status monitoring in BatMan manager software.

Device input voltage, status and all parameter changes are applied in real-time. Multiple devices simultaneously are supported.

  • Wide range Cut-Off and Reconnect voltage level adjustments.

All parameter changes are applied in real-time.

  • Remote control connector to force ON/OFF states.
If you short these pins to GND (black wire) than you will force the module in one of ON/OFF states.
OFF pin has higher priority. If both are shortened then module will be in OFF state.
This is handy if you need to control the load or use this module just as relay in any DC environment.
Normally you can leave these pins opened.
It is also possible to override these pins in manager software.
  • Two open drain outputs to drive alarm device or other needs.

Output 1 is active when delay before cut-off is used. This output can handle max 100 mA loads and is polyfuse protected.

Output 2 currently not used, but may be used in feature.
  • Thermal protection.

Will cut-off if module temperature rises above 80° C. This is true even in forced ON state.

With new software (BatMan you can even set custom temperature working range from -30 to 90° C (-22° to 194° F)

  • Over-current protection. (NOT short circuit protection – please use circuit breaker for that.)

Will cut-off if over-current condition occurs. This feature is highly configurable, but has very rough current step gradation (one step is 1/5 of device max amp value).

  • Will act like ‘ideal diode’.

If reverse current flow through MOSFET body diode is detected then device is forced to turn ON to eliminate power dissipation on body diode.

  • Can be used as SSR relay.

It can be easily configured as relay. Just drive it through remote port.

  • Low self consumption

This module has very low working current (max 0.7 mA when OFF and 1.5 mA when ON)

  • Firmware upgrade is possible

It is possible to upgrade devices firmware. If you find a bug or you need new features – just send a message to and it will get fixed.


Here you can view a comparison table (as PDF doc.) for all actual models.

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm
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