For 2-8 cells Lithium batteries. 10A max

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Battery Protector (Low Voltage Disconnect)

for 2-8 cells Lithium batteries. 10A max.

To protect batteries against over discharging.
This item is perfect for DIY projects where limited space and low current consumption required.
Main Features:
  • Adjustable threshold levels for Cut-Off and Reconnect.
  • Remote Forced ON/OFF pins.
  • Solid state switch (single n-ch MOSFET on positive side)
  • Draws only 0.08 mA when OFF and 1.5 mA when ON state!!!
  • Small size 20 x 42 x 9 mm
  • Wide 2 mm in diameter soldering terminals – you can solder any type of connector you wish.


  • True short circuit protection: YES
  • Over-current protection: YES
  • Reverse voltage protection: YES
  • Oscillation free operation: YES (1-2 secs delay in low voltage detection)

Here you can view a comparison table (as PDF doc.) for all actual models.

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 2 × 4,2 × 0,9 cm
Max forward (reverse) current

10A (3A)

Operating range


Self consumption On (Off)

1.5mA (0.08mA)

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